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Kunci Gitar Coldplay | Chord Gitar / Guitar And Songs Lyrics Coldplay Birds - The guitar is a stringed musical instrument played by plucked, generally using fingers or a plectrum. The guitar body is formed on a principal part with a solid neck as a string which generally amounted to six attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed from various types of wood with strings made of nylon or steel. Not complete it if we only know about the history of the guitar without knowing the key / chord guitar. And now a lot of beginners learning the guitar for a hobby or really want to become a musician with the title of the best guitar players in the world. Well here I am posting the lyrics with his guitar keys.

Coldplay <> Birds
Intro: Am Fmaj7 C C     x2

Am                             Fmaj7               C
   Been standing in the corner, studying the lights
Am                        Fmaj7                      C
   The dreaming of escape  will keep you up at night
Am                                   Fmaj7                 C
   But someone had put the flares up, and got me in the rays
Am   Fmaj7                  C
So I guess I’d better stay  'uh uh, no come on' you say

Fmaj7                        Gadd4
  It’s a fool’s gold thunder, it’s just a warring rain
Fmaj7                                     Gadd4
  Don’t let the fears just start ‘what if - I won’t see you again’
Fmaj7                           Gadd4
  Around here you never want to sleep all night
Fmaj7                       Gadd4
  So start falling in love, start the riot and

        Am    Fmaj7 C
Come on rage  with  me
              Am   Fmaj7           C
We don’t need words,  and we’ll be birds
                    Am    Famj7 C C
got to make our own key

Am                    Fmaj7       C
Only got this moment, you and me, guilty of nothing, but geography

Fmaj7                   Gadd4
   Come on and raise it, come on and raise this noise
Fmaj7                    Gadd4
   for the million people who got not one voice
Fmaj7                   Gadd4
   come on it’s not over if you mean it say loud
Fmaj7                   Gadd4
   come on all for Love, out from the underground

Am    Fmaj7 C                 Am    Famj7 C
Away  with  me, we don’t need words
           Am    Fmaj7 C                 Am    Fmaj7
Close your eyes  and   see, and we’ll be birds
       C                               Am Fmaj7 C
Flying free, holding on in the mystery

Fearless, fearless, free - you said ‘we’ll go
      Fmaj7       C     Gadd4 
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh through this together’
Am    Fmaj7    C     Gadd4 
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

         Am  Fmaj7 C Gadd4        Am   Fmaj7 C Gadd4 
When you fly won’t you, won’t you take me    too?
        Am    Fmaj7 C Gadd4        Am     Fmaj7 stop
in this world so    cruel, I think you’re so    cool

So the key guitar and the lyrics to his song Coldplay, please try and learn at home, and may be useful. Keep practicing so that you can be a great guitar player and of course when you want to become a great artist with a band or solo career, do not be hesitant or ashamed to learn to develop themselves by learning key guitar / guitar chord base. And thank you.
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