Chord Gitar & Lirik Lagu Wanted Dead Or Alive | Bon Jovi

Kunci Gitar Bon Jovi | Guitar Chords / Tab And Song Lyrics Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive - The guitar is a stringed musical instrument played by plucked, generally using fingers or a plectrum. The guitar body is formed on a principal part with a solid neck as a string which generally amounted to six attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed from various types of wood with strings made of nylon or steel. Not complete it if we only know about the history of the guitar without knowing the key / chord guitar. And now a lot of beginners learning the guitar for a hobby or really want to become a musician with the title of the best guitar players in the world. Well here I am posting the lyrics with his guitar keys.

Bon Jovi <> Wanted Dead Or Alive

D                  C                   G 
It's all the same, only the names will change
C            G                F       D
And ev'ry day, it seems we're wasting away
D               C                      G
Another place , where the faces are so cold
C             G               F        D
I'd drive all night , just to get back home

C          G        F             D                 
I'm a cowboy , on a steel horse I ride
C         G  F       D
I'm wanted , dead or alive
C     G   F      D
Wanted , dead or alive

Repeat intro x2

D                   C                    G
Sometimes I sleep , sometimes is not for days
C                G        F                 D
and people I meet, always go their separate ways
D                            C                      G
Sometimes you tell the day , by the bottle that you drink
C                    G            F             D
And times when you´r alone , and all you do is think

C           G      F             D                 
I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
C         G   F      D
I'm wanted , dead or alive
C     G  F       D
Wanted , dead or alive
Repeat intro x2

D                          C                        G
And I walk these streets , a loaded six string on my back
C               G          F                 D
I play for keeps, 'cause I might not make it back
D                 C                  G
Been ev'ry where, still I'm standing tall
C                  G                F         D
I've seen a milion faces , and I've rock them all

C                  G        F             D
'Cause I'm a cowboy , on a steel horse I ride
C           G         F       D   
I'm wanted (wanted) , dead or alive
C                G            F           D
Well I'm a cowboy , I got the night on my side
C          G          F       D
I'm Wanted (wanted) , dead or alive
C       G       C       G
Dead or Alive , Dead or alive
C       G        F         D
Dead or alive ,I still ride  (still ride)
C       G       C       G
Dead or alive , Dead or alive
C       G       C       G
Dead or alive , dead or alive
C       G
Dead or alive , Dead or alive

So the key guitar and the lyrics to his Bon Jovi songs, please try and learn at home, and may be useful. Keep practicing so that you can be a great guitar player and of course when you want to become a great artist with a band or solo career, do not be hesitant or ashamed to learn to develop themselves by learning key guitar / guitar chord base. And thank you.
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