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Chord Dasar On my way Alan Walker

Kabar gembira untuk pecinta game PUBG Mobile , bahwa pada tahun ini PUBG berkolaboras dengan salah satu musisi Alan Walker loh , buat kalian yang ingin mengcover lagu ini , mimin ada nih chord dasar On my way Alan Walker , tenang chord ini sudah di pilihkan dengan kunci yang mudah di mingerti ya , yuk di simak Chord Dasar On my way Alan Walker

Struming - Down Down - Up - Down Down - Up

[Verse 1]

I'm sorry but BC#mAE Don't wanna talk, I need a moment before I go BC#mA It's nothing personal EBC#m I draw the blinds, they don't need to see me cry AE 'Cause even if they understand BC#mA They don't understand [Bridge] A So, then when I'm finished, I'm all 'bout my business B And ready to save the world A I'm takin' my misery, make it my bitch B Can't be everyone's favourite girl

    C#m          B
So, take aim and fire away
     A             E
I've never been so wide awake
F#m       …